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At Sound ‘N’ Vision, we specialise in three key services for professional research and analysis purposes - video recordings, video links and recording equipment hire.

Video recordings are the simple and effective solution for filming focus group research sessions, meetings, interviews and other interactive scenarios for future reference and analysis. Whether your chosen venue is a recruiter's home, hotel, conference room, or even the office, our trained technician will install temporary video cameras and microphones to record the proceedings for you. The video cameras can be fixed as static or operated by our technician and every session will be recorded onto DVD, VHS or mini DV tape, ready to take away on the day.

Video links can be created between two or more rooms which allow clients to monitor and analyse focus groups and discussion sessions live. Microphones and video cameras are installed to film and record the participants in one room or even several sessions simultaneously, while the observers can watch discreetly, in real time, elsewhere. This provides the perfect viewing facility, at a realistic price, wherever you would like your research to take place in the North of England. Two recordings of the proceedings will also be provided on DVD for future reference and analysis.

Audio visual equipment hire is available for a wide range of recording requirements, one of our trained technicians will set up the equipment for you, demonstrate how everything works and be on hand to start the recordings if required. We can also format and supply your recordings on DVD, VHS or mini DV tape.